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Statement From Speaker Joe Straus on Child Protection in Texas

The Texas House will make it a top priority in next year's legislative session to improve the state's system for protecting and helping abused children. All of us have a responsibility to end the suffering that far too many Texas children are experiencing. This is not a new challenge or a simple one, but the complexity of the problem is not an excuse for inaction. Texas children are counting on all of us.

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Statement From Speaker Joe Straus

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus released the following statement on his decisive victory in the Republican primary for House District 121:

"I want to thank the people of District 121 for their tremendous support and confidence. I'm proud of the campaign we ran and the positive message we delivered. A couple of people who live far away from here once again tried to take this seat from our community, and they have once again failed. Voters showed that angry rhetoric and dishonest ads are no match for a well-organized campaign that looks to a brighter future. It is an honor to represent the people of District 121 and I will continue to work tirelessly and gladly on their behalf."

Please Vote Today

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 1. Please vote in the Republican primary to re-elect Joe Straus as the State Representative for District 121.

You can find your polling location by clicking here.

Under the leadership of Joe Straus, the Texas House has balanced the budget, cut taxes, reformed education and passed the strongest border security initiative in the country. The House has also supported economic growth by making smart investments in water, transportation and higher education.

Speaker Straus has also helped build a robust conservative majority in the Texas House. During his time as the presiding officer of the House, the number of Republican representatives has increased from 76 to 99.

Setting the record straight

Throughout this campaign, I have stayed focused on our record of accomplishment and our positive vision for the future. As part of that effort, I want you to have the facts about several issues raised in this election:

Sanctuary Cities
I do not support sanctuary cities. Under my leadership in 2011, the Texas House passed a ban on sanctuary cities. That legislation did not have the support needed to pass the Senate. Later that year, I reached an agreement with Governor Perry that attempted to bar funding from sanctuary cities in the state budget, but a key Senate negotiator derailed that agreement. In 2015, we successfully passed Governor Abbott's border security package in full. I have asked a House committee to continue working on the issue of sanctuary cities so we will be prepared to address it when we meet again.

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New Straus ad highlights work on border security

Speaker Joe Straus released a new television commercial Monday that highlights the Legislature's historic and extensive efforts to improve public safety along the Texas-Mexico border and throughout the state.

The ad features Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback, who describes key aspects of border-security legislation passed under the leadership of Speaker Straus. In the 2015 legislative session, the House passed Governor Greg Abbott's border-security agenda in its entirety, putting more state troopers along the border and equipping them with cameras, technology and additional air assets to apprehend criminals.

Texas has made an unprecedented investment in border security under the leadership of Speaker Straus, responding directly and forcefully to the Obama administration's failure to secure the border. In addition to authorizing the hiring of more state troopers and giving them additional resources, the House has also cracked down on the horrific crime of human trafficking and strengthened the state's Border Prosecution Unit, which provides assistance to district attorneys in South Texas who are working to prosecute border-related crimes.

Joe Straus is running in the Republican primary for another two years in House District 121, which includes parts of northern San Antonio and the communities of Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills and Olmos Park.

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