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Newsletter: Harvey Hearings Begin

The state's role in Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts will be a priority issue in the next legislative session. And in order to get it right, the work has already begun. Last week, several House committees held hearings to look at how the Legislature can best help our fellow Texans affected by this tragic storm.

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Newsletter: Texans Pulling Together

The immediate response to Hurricane Harvey has been remarkable across the state. From the brave men and women who rescued neighbors and strangers, to the millions of Texans who donated money and food, we have seen the very best of our fellow Texans.

The immediate response will continue to be critical, including the relief dollars from Washington that the Texas congressional delegation is working hard to secure. But a longer-term response to this storm, and a close look at how to prevent such severe flooding in the future, will also be needed. And it's time for that work to begin.

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Straus Campaign Gives $100,000 to Relief Effort

Speaker Joe Straus announced Friday that his political campaign is giving $100,000 to a newly created fund that will support rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

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Newsletter: How You Can Help Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey has devastated our state. But it has also displayed the remarkable resilience and generosity that live within millions of Texans. We will long remember the images of first responders carrying children through high waters, of members of the National Guard delivering household pets from danger and abandonment, and volunteers lending their personal boats and jet skis to help strangers reach safe ground.

Here in San Antonio, we were spared Harvey's worst. But that hasn't stopped an incredible outpouring from our community to help those impacted by heavy rain in our city and by severe wind and flooding elsewhere. I could not be more proud, and less surprised, by the way our community has responded.

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Newsletter: Special Session Recap

The special legislative session that ended last week gave the Texas House a chance to work on some of our top priorities. Ultimately, some efforts were more successful than others. But that's how legislating often goes: You achieve what you can and you keep working for the next opportunity to get something done.

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