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Conservative Values

With Joe serving as Speaker, the Texas House has delivered an unprecedented number of pro-life victories. Joe has also provided the leadership needed to pass a number of bills that protect and defend Second Amendment rights.

Joe and his House colleagues have fought for and defended our conservative values by:

Prioritizing and passing pro-life legislation. Under Joe’s leadership, the House passed legislation requiring a physician to perform a sonogram 24 hours before an abortion, unless there is a medical emergency. This legislation calls on the doctor to show and explain the image to the mother and make the fetal heartbeat available for her to hear. The House also outlawed abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and established new safety standards for facilities that provide abortions. In 2015, the House closed loopholes in the "judicial bypass" process that allows minors to get court permission for an abortion if they fear telling their parents would put them in danger.

Expanding the rights of gun owners. The House has delivered consistent and decisive victories for gun owners with Joe as Speaker. Thanks to the actions of Joe and his fellow legislators, Texas is no longer one of the only states to prohibit the open carry of handguns for licensed holders. The House has also streamlined and simplified the renewal process for CHL holders, provided new protections for CHL holders who accidentally display their handguns, and allowed for gun owners to keep firearms and ammunition in their locked cars at work.

Protecting the integrity of our elections. With Joe as Speaker, the House passed one of the most comprehensive voter ID laws in the country, requiring a photo identification at the polls in order to prevent voter fraud. The House has also passed legislation to toughen penalties for those who engage in voter fraud.