**The following is an excerpt from a letter to DPS Officers Association members:

We are proud to announce that Speaker Joe Straus has received the endorsement of the Department of Public Safety Officers Association Political Action Committee (DPSOA-PAC) for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.

As law enforcement professionals, the decision for who should serve the people of House District 121 could not be clearer. We believe that Speaker Straus has a strong record of supporting state law enforcement and the state’s commissioned peace officers, and we want to add our voice in recognition of his efforts to champion these good causes.

During the 84th session of the Texas Legislature, Speaker Straus supported the state’s efforts to secure our southern border with Mexico. This past session, he supported the toughest border security program in the nation. As part of this plan, more than $800 million was appropriated to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) over the next two years to add more resources, more manpower, and more assets toward securing the Texas border.

This funding gave DPS state-of-the-art aerial assets, enhanced land and maritime patrols, advanced monitoring technology, enhanced communications capabilities, 250 new state troopers, a new company of Texas Rangers, additional pilots, new support personnel, increased overtime to keep state troopers working around the clock, and funding to conduct sustained surge operations in high threat areas.

The work of Speaker Joe Straus to make Texas a better place is appreciated by us and the DPS officers and employees who are proud members of the Department of Public Safety Officers Association.

Very truly yours,

Gary Chandler, President

Jimmy Jackson, Vice-President

Clay Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer