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Newsletter: Innovation in Education

Julie and I recently paid a visit to a very special school in our community, where we met some wonderful children and the teachers who work tirelessly to serve them.

In late April, we visited the Foundation School for Autism as part of Autism Awareness Month. It's a public charter school, which means it is tuition-free for students, and it provides early intervention for children between the ages of 3 and 7. The staff welcomed us warmly and showed us the innovative ways they are helping the children in their care. It was a great visit that Julie and I thoroughly enjoyed and will long remember.

Our time at the school also underscored the importance of innovation in public education. More than 5 million children are enrolled in Texas public schools statewide, and these students have vast, diverse needs. While the Texas Supreme Court recently ruled that our school finance system is constitutional, the Court also noted that there is ample room for improvement in that system. We in the Texas House remain committed to providing an outstanding education for students and value for taxpayers.

Thank you again to the students and staff at the Foundation School for Autism, and thank you to all of the educators who work with children in our community every day.