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Fiscal Discipline

Under Joe's leadership, the Texas House has kept the state on a fiscally prudent course by controlling spending, reducing taxes, and saving billions of dollars in reserves. Texas continues to have one of the leanest and most efficient budgets of any state in the country.

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Economic Growth

Texas has built one of the strongest private sector economies in the world. Job growth in Texas has far outpaced the rest of the country in recent years, and the state led the country out of the recent recession by producing more jobs than any other state. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Texas economy grew by 5.2 percent in 2014, which the Wall Street Journal reports was the second-highest rate in the country and more than twice the national growth rate. Joe and his House colleagues have worked to support job creation by keeping taxes low and regulations fair while also making strategic investments in priorities that help the private sector grow, such as transportation and water.

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Joe believes that providing a quality education is the state's most important responsibility. He and his colleagues have worked to strengthen public schools while empowering families and communities. The House has also improved higher education under Joe's leadership.

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Military and Veterans

As a native of San Antonio, Joe profoundly appreciates and understands the contribution that members of the military make during and after their service on active duty. During Joe's time as Speaker, the House has consistently prioritized the needs of members of the military, of veterans, and of military communities. 

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Border Security

During Joe's time as Speaker, the Legislature has made a historic and unprecedented investment in securing the Texas-Mexico border. Joe has taken action to send additional manpower, technology, and vehicles to the border region in order to reduce criminal activity.

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Conservative Values

With Joe serving as Speaker, the Texas House has delivered an unprecedented number of pro-life victories. Joe has also provided the leadership needed to pass a number of bills that protect and defend Second Amendment rights.

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