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Speaker Straus praises plan to fix school finance system

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, released the following statement Wednesday about House efforts to reform the state’s school finance system:

“I want to applaud and thank Chairman Aycock and his team of Members for their efforts to improve our school finance system. I am very encouraged by the goals articulated today, such as greater equity, a reduction in Robin Hood and additional resources to help educators meet students’ needs. The Texas House is serious about improving public education and these principles give us plenty to build upon in the weeks ahead.”

Newsletter: A Safer Texas

The Texas House took a couple of very important votes last week to protect and promote public safety throughout the state.

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House budget plan is responsible, disciplined

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus (San Antonio) released the following statement Tuesday following the House Appropriations Committee’s unanimous approval of House Bill 1, the General Appropriations Act:

“I want to thank Chairman Otto, the subcommittee chairs and all of the members of the Appropriations Committee for their outstanding work on House Bill 1. The House budget is a responsible, disciplined plan that sets the right priorities for a growing state. It addresses education and transportation, it increases transparency and it will allow the House to provide meaningful tax relief. I look forward to working with all the members of the House on this budget.”

Newsletter: House adresses transportation, transparency, border security

As the 2015 legislative session nears its halfway point, the Texas House is addressing a range of issues that matter to our economy and our communities. The work that is now happening in House committees will lay a strong foundation for the second half of the session, and I want to catch you up on some of those efforts.

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Newsletter: Transparency for Taxpayers

Two years ago, the Texas House made our state budget more transparent and accountable. In our new legislative session, we are continuing that effort.

Our 2013 push for a more straightforward budget was driven by the belief that when Texans pay a tax or fee that is dedicated to a specific purpose, the money should actually fund that purpose… or the state shouldn’t be collecting the tax or fee.

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