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Texas House Concludes Productive Legislative Session

The Texas House adjourned sine die on Monday, wrapping up a 140-day legislative session in which the body took significant action on a number of challenges facing the state. 

 “The results of this session are going to make a real difference in Texans’ lives,” said House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio. “The House prioritized issues such as protecting children from abuse and improving mental health care, and we accomplished what we set out to accomplish.”

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Texas House Approves Balanced Budget That Prioritizes Child Protection, Mental Health

The Texas House gave final and overwhelming approval Saturday to a budget proposal that keeps state spending flat while making significant investments in child protection and mental health care.
The budget, Senate Bill 1, appropriates about $107 billion in General Revenue and almost $1 billion from the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund. Including federal funds and other dollars, the budget totals $217 billion.

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Straus Thanks House for Effort to Help Schools

Throughout the 2017 legislative session, Speaker Joe Straus and other members of the Texas House worked to begin reforming the state's school finance system. These reform efforts would have put $1.8 billion into Texas public schools and reduced the amount of local tax dollars shared through the Robin Hood system by $400 million over two years. These reforms were included in House Bill 21, which the Texas House overwhelming approved in April.

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Texas House Passes Standardized Testing Reforms

The Texas House voted last week to approve three bills that will improve education and school accountability, addressing issues raised by educators and parents.

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Newsletter: House Approves Key Education Bill

When the Texas Supreme Court ruled last year that our school finance system was constitutional, but deeply flawed, the Texas House pledged to continue working on the issue. We knew that Texas parents and taxpayers expect the Legislature to help schools provide a better education in a more efficient way.

Last week, the House acted on that pledge and overwhelmingly approved major school finance legislation in the form of House Bill 21. The legislation now moves to the Texas Senate for consideration.

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