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House Approves Two Bills to Improve Child Protection

The Texas House on Wednesday approved the first two major bills of the 2017 legislative session, unanimously passing legislation to improve child protection in the state.

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Newsletter: Listening to Local Educators

Last week, I hosted a number of leaders and groups from our community to discuss issues facing the Legislature and how they may impact San Antonio.

Two important meetings were with leaders of our local school districts. First, I met with school board trustees and Superintendent Brian Gottardy of North East ISD. Later that afternoon, I visited with Alamo Heights ISD Superintendent Kevin Brown and school board trustees Lisa Krenger and Lynn Thompson.

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Newsletter: Getting to work

Last week, I announced the membership of every Texas House committee. This was an important milestone in our legislative session, and now we can continue working to address the challenges facing this state.

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Speaker Straus Announces House Committee Assignments

Speaker Joe Straus on Thursday announced Texas House committee assignments for the 85th Legislature.

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Newsletter: Prioritizing Public Education

The most important bill that any Legislature passes is the state budget that funds education, transportation and other services over the next two years. Writing and approving the state budget is a process that typically requires all five months of the legislative session, and that process has just begun.

Earlier this month, I introduced the initial House budget proposal. Soon I will appoint Members of the House to serve on the Appropriations Committee (and all other committees), and the legislators serving on Appropriations will begin working on their own budget for the full House to consider. In other words, there is a long way to go before the budget reaches the full House for a vote, and even longer to go before the Governor signs a final product into law.

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