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Newsletter: A New School Year Brings New Opportunities

Julie and I want to wish the very best to students, parents and educators who are about to head back to school on Monday or have already begun the new academic year.

The first day of school serves as a reminder of how important schools are to our community and our economy. Schools not only educate and inspire students, but they bring families and neighborhoods together. That’s why I’m proud that our community has long been recognized for its support of public education.

In the Texas House, we have worked to improve education by strengthening career and college readiness, reducing excessive testing, and expanding school choice by creating more charter schools. We have put additional resources into our classrooms. And we will continue making education a priority because it matters so much to the future direction of this state.

But what’s most important to students returning to school Monday is the months of work that principals, teachers, and other educators have put into starting the year successfully. All of us are grateful for their commitment and for the enormous difference they make in children’s lives every day. We are also grateful for the many parents and other volunteers who spend countless hours working to make our schools even stronger.

We wish all families the very best as the school year begins. And if you want to share your thoughts about improving education or any other issue affecting our community, please email me at