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Newsletter: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

Yesterday was one of the most important days of our entire 2015 legislative session. It was important not because of bills we passed or votes we took, but because the Texas House and Senate honored the tremendous sacrifice of Texans who died while serving in uniform over the last two years.


Thirty five Texans have given their lives in the line of duty over the last two years. At Saturday’s Fallen Heroes Memorial Ceremony, we in the Legislature had the honor of meeting and recognizing the families of these brave and remarkable Americans. There is no greater reminder of the sacrifice that members of the Armed Forces make than meeting the parents, spouses and children who carry on their legacy.

As we observe Memorial Day, I hope we will all commit ourselves to providing support and comfort to the families of our fallen heroes throughout the year. Just as these heroes felt the call to serve, we all have a duty to show these families that we appreciate and honor their sacrifice. It is also our calling to respect and remember the ideas for which they fought. As poet Wallace Bruce wrote, “Who kept the faith and fougth the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.”

I hope that you and your family enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. As you do so, please remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our remarkable country, and may we never miss a chance to show their loved ones our gratitude.