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Newsletter: Thank a Teacher Today

Across our community and state this week, students and parents have been telling classroom teachers something they don’t hear nearly enough: Thank you.

As you probably know if you have children enrolled in school, this is Teacher Appreciation Week across the country. On behalf of those of us who serve in the Texas House, I want to add my voice to those who are thanking teachers for the remarkable work they do every day.

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding and impactful profession, but it isn’t easy. We are working in the House to support our teachers by putting more resources into public education and by making sensible reforms to our accountability system. And when the current legislative session ends in a few weeks, we will continue to visit with educators about ways to help them most effectively meet the needs of their students.

No issue matters more to our future than public education, because a fast-growing state like ours needs a well-educated workforce. And the development of that workforce is happening every day in our classrooms. That’s why it’s important to thank our teachers, this week and throughout the year, for their service and their commitment to our children.