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Newsletter: A Responsible Starting Point

With the next legislative session about six months away, I'm working with other state leaders to make sure Texas continues to live within its means. 

I recently joined with other state leaders to instruct state agencies to prepare for a 4 percent reduction in their operating revenues. These instructions will require agencies to highlight their most important expenditures and contemplate how they could operate more efficiently. We also issued these instructions in order to guard against unneeded growth in our state budget and to provide a responsible starting point for the process of writing the state's next two-year budget.

We exempted from these reductions some of our most important responsibilities, such as public education, mental health care, child protection, and border security. As we find savings in other areas of state government, it will be easier to make strategic investments in these key priorities.

Texas has proven its commitment to fiscal discipline in recent years. We've balanced our budget by keeping spending in check. With this prudent approach to our state finances, I'm confident that we will keep our fiscal house in order while making the right investments for our future.