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Newsletter: An approach that works for Texas

The 2016 elections are finally behind us. Among other things, that means the next session of the Texas Legislature is right around the corner.

On Thursday, I had the chance to speak to the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I highlighted some of our top priorities heading into the legislative session that begins January 10: Public and higher education, child protection, mental health, cybersecurity, and making sure Texas is the best state in the country to start a business.

I also spoke briefly about the results of the national election. Voters across the country sent a powerful message: They are unhappy with how Washington works...or doesn't work. And in many ways, the national election underscored the importance of keeping Washington-style dysfunction out of the Texas Legislature.

How do we do that? By solving problems and putting results ahead of politics. I will continue visiting with you about the work we are doing in the Texas House, and I hope you will continue to share your priorities and concerns by emailing me at

I'm optimistic about the work ahead and will continue to keep you updated on our efforts.