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Newsletter: Back to the Classroom

Children in our community and across Texas will begin the new school year tomorrow. Julie and I want to wish our best to all of the students and families who are going back to school or enrolling for the first time. It's an exciting time (even if some of those students aren't quite ready to admit it).

The beginning of the school year requires a lot of planning and many hours of work. Thank you to all of the teachers and other educators who have spent your time in recent weeks preparing for a successful start to the new year. I also want to thank the many parents and volunteers who will go into our schools this year and support the important work that teachers do. What happens in those classrooms in the months ahead will impact our future in very direct and substantial ways.

If my office can be of any help to your family during the school year, or if you have questions about state education policy, please email me at Thank you again to parents, teachers, and everyone involved with the education of our children.