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Newsletter: Follow the Special Session

The special legislative session called by Governor Abbott is well underway. This week, the House again passed legislation needed to keep the Texas Medical Board operating. Many other issues have been moving through the committee process, where House members have worked diligently to listen to public input, build consensus, and get the details right.

Education remains my top priority. The House continues to work on legislation that would put more resources into public schools and help retired teachers who are facing large increases in health-care costs. By providing more state support for schools, we can begin to relieve the burden on local property taxes. We can also keep more local dollars in local schools.

Many of you have e-mailed me to describe the issues that matter most to you, and I'm grateful for the feedback. Please continue to share your views with me and with other members of the House and Senate about what you want -- and don't want -- the Legislature to pass into law. Please also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the House's work.

Please see highlights below of some of the news coverage from the first 10 days of the special session. Thank you again for your support and for following our work at this very important time for Texas.