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Newsletter: Honored to Serve

The Texas House convened for our 2017 session last week, and by a vote of 150-0, my fellow State Representatives again elected me Speaker of the House. I am grateful for this opportunity to continue serving as the House's presiding officer, and I'm looking forward to the work ahead.

I will serve in two important ways over the next two years, just as I have since 2009. First, I am a State Representative from District 121 in Bexar County. I advocate for the priorities and needs of our community as legislation is considered, and my staff and I will continue to provide assistance to residents of our district who are interacting with state government. And as Speaker, I work to set priorities for the entire House and try to put a focus on issues that I believe matter most, such as keeping more local dollars in our local schools and improving our mental health system. One of my first and most important tasks in this new legislative session will be appointing the chairmen and members of House committees. Once our committees are established, bills start to receive consideration and the process begins in full. 

The legislation we pass is important, but what also matters is the manner in which we go about our work. In my remarks to the House last week, I stressed that we should treat each other with the same civility and decency that most Texans show to each other every day. Our state is a diverse place where people in all types of businesses work together for a common purpose, and I think that's what most Texans want from their elected leaders as well. You can read my full remarks to the House on the opening day of the session here.

Thank you again to the residents of District 121 for giving me this opportunity, and please continue to share your priorities and feedback with me at I look forward to discussing the House's work with you in the weeks and months ahead.