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Newsletter: Keeping Texans Safe

Protecting public safety is one of our most important responsibilities in the Texas Legislature, and it's one that my House colleagues and I take very seriously. That's why I was extremely honored last week to receive the "Border Champion" award from the state's Border Prosecution Unit, which is a group of South Texas district attorneys.

In this year's legislative session, we doubled spending on border security, which allowed for the hiring of hundreds of state troopers. But we didn't stop there. We also increased penalties for human smuggling, created a transnational intelligence center on the border to analyze crime data, and provided new tools to allow prosecutors and law enforcement to combat drug trafficking and money laundering. And over the last couple of years, we have deployed thousands of cameras to monitor activity in South Texas.

The award I received this week is a testament to the entire House's work on border security. I'm proud of the fact that we passed these bills with overwhelming majorities, sending a clear signal that keeping Texans safe is a top priority. We also worked closely with the officers and prosecutors in the border region who are on the front lines of these issues, listening to their concerns and their guidance. And as I told the prosecutors last week, we are glad to be their partners in the fight against border crime.

To read more about the House's record on border security, please visit my website. The Texas House will continue working to protect the people of this state.