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Newsletter: Listening to Local Educators

Last week, I hosted a number of leaders and groups from our community to discuss issues facing the Legislature and how they may impact San Antonio.

Two important meetings were with leaders of our local school districts. First, I met with school board trustees and Superintendent Brian Gottardy of North East ISD. Later that afternoon, I visited with Alamo Heights ISD Superintendent Kevin Brown and school board trustees Lisa Krenger and Lynn Thompson.

We're working on a number of education issues in the Texas House, such as keeping more local dollars in local schools, fixing flaws in the new A-F rating system, and ensuring that special education is accessible to students who need it. It was good to hear the perspective of local educators on these and other issues, just like I've heard from many parents and active and retired teachers in recent weeks.

I also had the chance to host Dr. William Henrich, the President of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. This great institution is a key part of our economy and our city. And like similar schools around Texas, it plays a very important role in addressing our local and statewide health-care needs. A strong higher education system leads to economic growth and better lives for our citizens, and that certainly includes our outstanding health facilities.

I'm grateful for these visits because it's always good to hear the concerns and priorities of the people I represent. That's why I want to hear from you, also. As you watch this year's legislative session, please continue to share your feedback by emailing me at