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Newsletter: Texans Pulling Together

The immediate response to Hurricane Harvey has been remarkable across the state. From the brave men and women who rescued neighbors and strangers, to the millions of Texans who donated money and food, we have seen the very best of our fellow Texans.

The immediate response will continue to be critical, including the relief dollars from Washington that the Texas congressional delegation is working hard to secure. But a longer-term response to this storm, and a close look at how to prevent such severe flooding in the future, will also be needed. And it's time for that work to begin.

A few days ago, I instructed three Texas House committees to look at specific issues related to Harvey and how the state Legislature may address them in the future. These charges include: looking at the need for state resources in the recovery and how federal resources can best be used; examining changes that should be made in funding formulas and testing policies to help students and schools impacted by the storm; and studying steps that could be taken to better control flooding in the future and mitigate the effects of major flooding events.

The Legislature will have many more issues to consider as it relates to Harvey, and I will issue additional charges in the weeks ahead. This will be a major focus when the Legislature meets again, and we can make that next session more productive by doing good work now.

Also last week, I spoke at a San Antonio Chamber of Commerce lunch about Texans' inspiring response to this terrible storm. I also thanked members of our local business community for standing up to protect our economy during the recent special session, and I stressed the importance of continuing to work together in the interest of better schools and more private-sector growth. Please see this video with highlights from the event.

Thank you for all that you are doing to help our fellow Texans and contribute to our state during this critical moment in our history.