Protecting Life



What Others Are Saying

Under his leadership, the Texas House has passed some of the most effective and important pro-life measures of any state in the country.” -- State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg 

“A brief look at the House record under Speaker Joe Straus shows a number of high-profile victories.”-- Kyleen Wright, Texans for Life Coalition, Life PAC

“As a member of the Texas House, Rep. Joe Straus voted pro-life on the most critical votes. Under his leadership as Speaker of the House, landmark pro-life bills have reached the House floor during the regular and special sessions and are now law.” -- Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life


The pro-life movement has achieved unprecedented success during Joe Straus’ time as Speaker.

The Texas House has repeatedly delivered pro-life legislative victories, including:

Defunding Planned Parenthood: The Texas House has ensured that state taxpayer dollars do not flow to facilities that also provide abortion services. Under Speaker Straus’ leadership, funding to Planned Parenthood has ended for the programs that Texas is legally able to de-fund. To ensure Texas women still have access to important health care services, the House has made it a priority to increase funding to women's health services at facilities that aren’t tied to abortion providers. 

Sonogram Law:  The House passed legislation requiring a physician to perform a sonogram 24 hours before an abortion, unless there is a medical emergency. It calls on the doctor to show and explain the image to the mother and make the fetal heartbeat available for her to hear.

Improved Safety Standards: The House improved safety standards for facilities that perform abortions, requiring that they meet the same standards as other ambulatory surgical centers and that those who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a local hospital. That legislation also banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Judicial Bypass Reform: The House closed loopholes in the “judicial bypass process” that that allows minors to get court permission for an abortion if they fear telling their parents would put them in danger. These reforms made it much more difficult for minors from other parts of the state to get a bypass from judges who are known to grant them frequently.

Choose Life License Plates: The House voted to create the Texas Choose Life specialty license plates. Most of the fee that Texans pay for these plates goes toward promoting adoption.