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Speaker Straus Praises Budget Reforms

Speaker of the House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) released the following statement Monday following the passage of House Bill 6, House Bill 7 and House Joint Resolution 111. Those measures, combined with the previously approved House Bills 1 and 8, seek to reduce the practice of using General Revenue-Dedicated balances for certifying other parts of the state budget.

 “For more than two decades, the state increasingly collected billions of dollars in fees for one purpose, but then used that money instead to certify spending in other areas of the budget. The House began working to end that practice almost three years ago, and in the 2013 session, the Legislature reduced the use of dedicated funds for budget certification by nearly $1 billion. This session, the House is well on its way to reducing that amount even further, from $4.5 billion to $2.9 billion. And if voters approve HJR 111, which the House passed today, we will end this practice altogether in the coming years.  Today the House took some significant steps toward increasing transparency and assuring Texans that the taxes and fees they pay will be used as promised. I appreciate the leadership of Chairman Darby and Chairman Otto on these measures and look forward to working with the Senate to see that they become law.”