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Speaker Straus Puts More Than $1 Million Behind Republican Candidates

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has used more than $1 million from his political funds to support Republican legislative candidates this year.

When Speaker Straus announced in October that he would not seek re-election in 2018, he promised to actively support responsible Republican candidates in the ongoing election cycle. Speaker Straus has honored that commitment by giving significantly to groups that support solutions-oriented Republican legislators and candidates.

Specifically, Speaker Straus has contributed:

  • $600,000 to the Texas House Leadership Fund
  • $350,000 to the Associated Republicans of Texas
  • $70,000 to individual candidates

The organizations and candidates that Speaker Straus supports were overwhelmingly successful in the March primary elections. Speaker Straus has also attended fundraising events for numerous Republican candidates in recent months, including Reps. Lyle Larson and Sarah Davis, Sen. Kel Seliger, Congressman Will Hurd and Steve Allison, who is seeking to replace Speaker Straus as the State Representative for District 121 in Bexar County. Speaker Straus has often been the featured guest at these events.

During his nine years as the presiding officer of Texas House, Speaker Straus has raised and donated millions of dollars in order to support Republican legislators. He also has served as Chairman of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, which supports Republican candidates for state legislatures across the country.

"I'm proud to support serious, thoughtful Republican legislators who provide strong leadership for Texas and for the Republican Party," said Speaker Straus, R-San Antonio. "These legislators have served their constituents well, and I’m happy to help them share their accomplishments with voters.”