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Speaker Straus Wants to Revisit Cuts to Therapy Programs

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus on Tuesday called for the Legislature to revisit reductions that have been made to in-home therapy services for children through Medicaid.

The cuts were put in place in response to concerns about high rates for therapy providers. But families affected by the cuts have spoken out against them throughout the state.

In an interview with Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune, Speaker Straus said he hopes the Legislature will revisit the issue through a supplemental budget bill.

Speaker Straus' office released the following statement:

"Speaker Straus believes that the reductions have not been implemented well. The Speaker hopes that the Legislature will address the issue in the supplemental budget bill so that children have access to the services they need. Speaker Straus also welcomes the opportunity to take a thoughtful look at these rates, with access to care being the priority."