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Straus Prepared to Win in Bexar County, Support Colleagues Statewide

Texans for Joe Straus ended the first half of 2015 with more than $8 million on hand, positioning the Texas House Speaker to run for re-election in Bexar County and help his Republican House colleagues spread their message across the state.

Speaker Straus ended the latest fundraising period with $8.1 million in the bank after raising $282,000 in the final nine days of June.

“I am grateful for the support of Texans who believe in the constructive leadership that the Texas House is working to provide,” Speaker Straus said. “My colleagues and I feel very good about the results we delivered in this year’s session and look forward to sharing those results with our fellow Texans.”

Along with running for re-election in House District 121, Speaker Straus continues to lead the effort to protect Republicans’ sizable majority in the Texas House. Since he became the House’s presiding officer in 2009, Speaker Straus has attended hundreds of campaign events for his Republican colleagues. In addition, the Speaker and his political committee have provided about $3.5 million in direct support to Texas Republican candidates and groups during that time.

The Republican majority has grown considerably during the Straus speakership. When he became Speaker, Republicans held 76 out of 150 seats in the Texas House. Republicans now hold 98 of those seats.

“The Texas House has an outstanding record,” Speaker Straus said. “The House has produced balanced budgets, tax relief, education reform and greater transparency in state government, and we are going to proudly share those results in the months ahead.”

Speaker Straus is also working to elect Republican legislators in other states. This year, he is the Vice Chair of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, which works to elect Republicans in statehouses nationwide. He will serve as the group’s chairman in 2016, putting him at the forefront of the effort to elect conservative leaders across the country.

“This is going to be a very good election cycle for Republicans,” Speaker Straus said. “I’m honored to help lead the effort to build and protect GOP majorities.”