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Straus Campaigns for Prop 7 as Early Voting Begins

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus marked the beginning of early voting in the 2015 Constitutional amendments election Monday by joining other community and business leaders to rally support for Proposition 7, which would provide a consistent funding source for transportation projects in San Antonio and across Texas.

Proposition 7 would dedicate up to $2.5 billion per year for transportation, primarily from sales-tax dollars. Because the plan calls for prioritizing existing revenue, it does not require higher taxes or fees. Its passage would also reduce the need for toll roads. In fact, if Texas voters approve Proposition 7, officials plan to expand Highway 281 in San Antonio without the toll bonds that were earlier approved for that project.

“Proposition 7 prioritizes transportation by providing a reliable funding source for road projects,” said Speaker Straus, R-San Antonio. “This election is very important to the future of our economy, and I encourage everyone in the San Antonio area to support Proposition 7 and help us address this issue.”

Transportation was a major focus in the 2015 session of the Texas Legislature. Speaker Straus also led the effort to end diversions of the gas tax, ensuring that all of the money in the State Highway Fund now pays for transportation. Previously, some of those dollars were directed to other programs. The end of those diversions provided more than $1 billion in additional funding for transportation over two years.

Speaker Straus joined with other leaders from the San Antonio area, including Mayor Ivy Taylor, to promote early voting Monday at an event sponsored by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Early voting lasts from October 19 to October 30, and Election Day is November 3. Speaker Straus is making a number of efforts to promote Proposition 7. He has begun airing a radio ad in San Antonio talking about the proposed amendment. You can listen to that ad here. His campaign also produced this video to raise awareness of the election and its importance.